About Us

Essences of Jamal Industries has long been associated with formulations of natural and organic body care products.

Originating as a one-man street vending operation in downtown Washington, D.C., and gradually moving to mail-order, trade shows, and worldwide mass retail, over the years appearing in such publications as Washington Times, Washington Post, and Ebony Man magazine and the old Johnson publication which also produces JET and Ebony magazines. After several years of struggle and up and down success, Essences of Jamal has risen again to promote a new brand of Organic Hempseed Oil based products and imported two of the world’s best quality Shea-Butters now ready for distribution to retailers, whole-sales and the general consumer market world-wide. The one man show has now contracted out work to outside sources to help with mass productions to supply the world-market.

Mission & Purpose

Essences of Jamal’s goals are to produce the best quality available. We are a natural and organic base
product company with products to heal your Spirit, Soul! and Body the right way, all organic.

Our Customer Market

We sell to individuals, retail consumers and whole-sale to beauty salons, spa’s, health food Stores, rehab clinics, hospitals, professional and amateur Sports team and braiding shops.